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‘The Luces’ is a piece of land off Hilside, which has been owned by Noel and Geraldine Gould for some 50 years and used by the family to grow fruit and vegetables and keep goats and chickens. Noel has decided that he would like to pass The Luces on as an assett for the community and The Parish Council have agreed to take on ownership.

SSB has formed a group to co-ordinate managment of the Luces as a publicly accessible communal wildlife garden with wildflowers, fruit trees and beds of edibles, with an accessible footpath that allows pedestrians to avoid the narrowest part of Hillside and engage with nature, rural skills and food production. In the longer term, it would be an exemplar of a village plot of land with lots of sustainable things together – habitat protection; rural skills in action; wood & tree management; verges; permaculture principles; fruit; grass and meadow etc., with peaceful places to stop, sit, rest and sustain ourselves; plus information about what is there and why.

More information to follow as the project is developed.